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18 March 2010 : Aviastar-TU Flight 1906, operated by Tupolev Tu-204 RA-64011 crashed on approach to Domodedovo International Airport, Moscow. The aircraft was written off, the first hull loss for Aviastar and the first of a Tu-204.
18 March 2010 : Exin Flight 3589, operated by Antonov An-26 SP-FDO received an unsafe gear warning on approach to Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport, Tallinn, Estonia on a flight from Helsinki Airport, Helsinki, Finland. A go-around was initiated, during which an engine failed and a wheels-up landing was made on the frozen surface of Lake Ulemiste. Two of the six crew were injured.
18 March 2008 : Delta Air Lines offers voluntary severance to 30,000 employees, which is half of their workforce.
18 March 2002 : Entered Service: HAL Dhruv with the Indian Coast Guard
18 March 1999 : An ALIANSA Columbia Douglas DC-3 (HK-337) disappears on a flight from Cucuta to El Yopal. After four days, the crash site is found on a hill, along with its 8 deceased passengers and crew.
18 March 1999 : American Airlines announces their purchasing of the naming right of the American Airlines Center arena in Dallas, Texas for a mere $195 million.
18 March 1998 : A Formosa Airlines Saab 340 (B-12255) crashes into the sea, killing all 13 aboard. The Captain decides to depart, despite the known failure of the right-hand main bus. This has a domino effect on several systems, including navigation and flight instruments. With that, the right engine anti-ice start bleed valve being in the open position lead to a 13% torque split between the two engines and a yaw-effect when not compensated for. Poor weather conditions and pilot fatigue (the Captain flew several flights throughout the day already) led to spatial disorientation. Add it all up and the result is a right bank after departure that the pilots do not notice until it is unrecoverable.
18 March 1997 : Stavropolskaya Aktsionernaya Avia Flight 1023, an Antonov An-24, breaks up in flight and crashes near Cherkessk, Russia; all 50 on board die.
18 March 1969 : 18-19 – The Royal Air Force airlifts 300 troops to Anguilla in response to the civil unrest that had broken out on the island.
18 March 1969 : In Operation Breakfast, 48 U. S. Air Force B-52 Stratofortresses bomb the Fishhook in Cambodia in an attack on what the Americans believe to be the general Communist headquarters within Cambodia. It is the first event in Operation Menu, the secret 14-month-long American bombing of Cambodia targeting North Vietnamese Army sanctuaries there.

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