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13 August 2012 : An Internet video is released showing the crash of what appears to be a Syrian Air Force MiG-23 (NATO reporting name "Flogger") aircraft flying over Muhasan, Syria. Syrian rebels claim to have shot it down.
13 August 2010 : AIRES Flight 8250, operated by Boeing 737-73 V HK-4682, crashes short of the runway at Gustavo Rojas Pinilla International Airport, San Andres, Colombia and breaks into three sections. One passenger dies from a heart attack following the accident. The other 124 passengers and six crew survive.
13 August 2010 : Regional Spanish airline Andalus Lineas Aereas ceases operations.
13 August 2004 : Air Tahoma Flight 185, a Convair 580, crashes near Covington, Kentucky while descending to land, killing the First Officer.
13 August 2002 : Midway Airlines (1993–2003) files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
13 August 1989 : Alice Springs hot air balloon crash: Two hot air balloons collided near Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia, causing one to crash to the ground, killing thirteen people.
13 August 1981 : The G-ASWI North Sea ditching of a Bristow Helicopters Westland Wessex due to engine failure kills all 13 on board.
13 August 1976 : The Bell Model 222, the first twin-engined light commercial helicopter, developed in the United States, makes its first flight, powered by the 650 SHP Avco Lycoming LTS 101-650 C.
13 August 1973 : Aviaco Flight 118, a Sud Caravelle, en-route from Madrid to A Coruna crashes while approaching A Coruna Alvedro airport, in Montrove, 2 km from the airport; all 85 on board died, and 1 on the ground.
13 August 1968 : Swedish Count Gustav von Rosen defies Nigerian air defences to fly in supplies to the Biafran rebels

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