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25 March 2013 : Boeing makes the first of two Boeing 787 Dreamliner test flights to show that modifications to the 787's lithium-ion battery system have solved the problem of battery overheating experienced by Dreamliners earlier in the year. The aircraft, bearing the livery of LOT Polish Airlines, departs from Paine Field in Everett, Washington, flies south down the coast of Washington and halfway down the coast of Oregon, and makes a low-altitude, low-speed circle over the Strait of Juan de Fuca before returning without incident.
25 March 2010 : Scottish airline Highland Airways ceases operations.
25 March 2010 : A Chilean Army MD Helicopters 530F suffered an engine failure shortly after takeoff after disembarking a passenger and crashed. The helicopter was on a mission in the region that was badly damaged by the last earthquake. All 4 crew member were taken to the hospital, three of them with serious injuries.
25 March 2010 : A Royal Malaysian Air Force Pilatus PC-7 crashed during an airshow near local university campus. Pilot bailed at low altitude but was killed.
25 March 2009 : Medair TC-HEK helicopter crash: A Bell 206L-4 Longranger helicopter of Medair crashes at Mount Ke?, Turkey, killing all six people on board.
25 March 2009 : The September 2007 approval by the U. S. Department of Transportation for American, Northwest, Continental, Delta, and US Airways to begin service between and Beijing, China, or Shanghai, China, goes into effect.
25 March 2009 : An USAF Lockheed Martin F-22A Block 10 Raptor, 91-4008, Raptor 07, of the 411th Flight Test Squadron, 412th Test Wing, crashes in the marshy flat land 6 miles N of Harper Dry Lake near Edwards Air Force Base, California, during a weapons integration flight test mission. The single-seater goes down about 1000 hrs. (1300 hrs. ET) for unknown reasons, the officials said. The fighter was on a test mission when it crashed about 35 miles (56 km) NE of Edwards AFB, where it was stationed, the Air Force said in a news release. KWF was David Cooley, 49, a 21-year Air Force veteran who joined Lockheed Martin Corp., the plane's principal contractor, in 2003. Cooley, of Palmdale, was pronounced dead at Victor Valley Community Hospital in Victorville, California. An Air Force investigation finds that the accident occurred after the pilot lost consciousness in a high-gravity maneuver. The reports stated that during the third test of the mission the pilot appeared to have been subjected to increased physiological stress and his lack of awareness delayed a recovery maneuver. At 7,486 ft MSL, the pilot initiated ejection outside of the seat design envelope and immediately sustained fatal injuries.
25 March 2008 : Saudi Arabian Airlines Flight 810, a Boeing 747-300 (TF-ARS) on wet-lease from Air Atlanta Icelandic catches fire on landing at Dhaka-Zia International Airport in Bangladesh. Though all 326 aboard escaped with their lives, the aircraft would be written off.
25 March 2006 : A revolutionary scramjet jet engine Hyshot III designed to fly at seven times the speed of sound is successfully tested at Woomera, South Australia.
25 March 2000 : A Uralex Antonov An-32 (D2-MAJ) crashes after experiencing a brake failure on takeoff after trying to avoid a hole on the runway. The aircraft loses control, hits another hole and breaks into two pieces. Of the 33 occupants, 3 are killed.

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