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25 November 2012 : Syrian rebel forces attack a Syrian government airbase 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) outside Damascus, and claim to have destroyed two helicopters on the ground.
25 November 2009 : First flight of the Gulfstream G650
25 November 2003 : OH-58D Kiowa 96-0040 crashes after its tail rotor struck ground.
25 November 1985 : Aeroflot Antonov An-12 shoot-down: South African Special Forces use a shoulder-launched surface-to-air missile to shoot down a Soviet Antonov An-12 carrying 21 people 43 km (27 miles) east of Menongue, Angola. All aboard the aircraft die.
25 November 1975 : Israeli Air Force Lockheed C-130H Hercules 203/4X-FBO, c/n 4533, crashed into Mount Jebel Halal, 55 kilometers south-southeast of El Arish, Sinai Peninsula. Pilots were Shaul Bustan and Uri Manor.
25 November 1973 : KLM Flight 861, called “Mississippi”, was a Boeing 747 that was hijacked by three young Arabs over Iraqi airspace on a scheduled Amsterdam-Tokyo flight with 247 passengers on board. The hijackers threatened to blow up the plane when no country would grant landing permission. Most of the passengers and the eight stewardesses were released after negotiations with the Maltese PM Dom Mintoff. With 11 passengers on board the jumbo jet left Malta to Dubai where the incident ended without fatalities. The hijack was claimed by the Arab Nationalist Youth Organization.
25 November 1961 : The US Navy's first nuclear powered aircraft carrier, USS Enterprise is commissioned.
25 November 1961 : The first crash of the CF-104 during the test flight from Canadair. The pilot ejected safely.
25 November 1956 : Eight Boeing B-52 s complete a record nonstop flight of 17,000 miles over the North Pole.
25 November 1956 : U. S. Air Force Sergeant Richard Patton makes the first successful parachute jump in Antarctica. He jumps from 1,500 feet as a test to determine the cause of parachute malfunction in sub-zero weather conditions.

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