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29 January 2013 : SCAT Airlines Flight 760, a Bombardier CRJ200, crashes in thick fog near Kyzyltu, Kazakhstan, 5 km (3.1 miles) short of the runway at Almaty, killing all 21 people on board.
29 January 2010 : First flight of the Sukhoi PAK FA “Prospective Airborne Complex of Frontline Aviation”, a Russian twin-engine stealth jet fighter prototype.
29 January 2009 : Australian airline MacAir Airlines enters voluntary administration and ceases operations.
29 January 2005 : Nonstop flights between mainland China and Taiwan take off for the first time since 1949
29 January 2005 : An Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet crashes into ocean while landing on USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63). The No. 3 arresting wire snapped, resulting in the plane plunging into the Pacific Ocean 100 miles SE of Yokosuka, Japan, hitting an SH-60F and an EA-6B Prowler en route to the water. Crew LTJG Jon Vanbragt, LCDR Markus Gudmundsson ejected safely.
29 January 1996 : An Grumman F-14A-135-GR Tomcat, BuNo 162599, of VF-213, crashes on take-off from Nashville Airport, Nashville, Tennessee, killing both crew and three people on ground as fireball engulfs three houses. The U.S. Navy determines that the accident was the result of pilot error, when pilot Lt. Cmdr. John Bates, attempted a high speed, steep-angle take-off, the review board announces in April 1996. Pilot loses spatial orientation in overcast, suffers vertigo. Bates had previously cracked up an F-14 in April 1995.
29 January 1991 : U. S. Air Force F-15 C Eagles of the 33rd Tactical Fighter Wing shoot down two Iraqi MiG-23 s using Sparrow missiles. After a British frigate detects 17 Iraqi small boats in the Persian Gulf carrying commandos for use in a seaborne assault during the Battle of Khafji, Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm Lynx helicopters attack them with Sea Skua missiles. Soon more Lynxes and Royal Navy Sea King Commando and U. S. Navy LAMPS III helicopters – with some of the helicopters using door machine guns and hand grenades – And Royal Air Force Jaguar and U. S. Navy carrier-based A-6E Intruder bombers join in. The attacks sink 14 of the boats and drive the other three ashore, preventing the planned commando operation.
29 January 1989 : A RCAF Lockheed CC-130E Hercules, 130318, formerly 10318, c/n 4124, of 43 Squadron, participating in annual Brim Frost exercises hits runway lights and a river bank short of the runway and crashes onto the runway at Wainwright AAF, Alaska at -46 degrees Fahrenheit. Eleven of the eighteen occupants are killed.
29 January 1988 : Boeing 747SP owned by United Airlines start a round-the-world air speed record from seattle. The Friendship Foundation, was established and all money went to children’s charities. A ticket on the flight cost $5,000, and in total the flight raised more than $500,000 for children.
29 January 1979 : Death of John Elmer “Jack” Drummond, Canadian WWI flying ace.
29 January 1973 : An EgyptAir Ilyushin Il-18 crashes in the Kyrenia mountain range while on approach to Nicosia International Airport; all 37 on board die.
29 January 1972 : Death of Viktor Fedorovich Bolkhovitinov, Soviet engineer, Aircraft designer and team-leader of the developers of the Bereznyak-Isayev BI-1 aircraft.
29 January 1971 : Entered Service: EA-6 Prowler with VAQ-129 at NAS Whidbey Island.
29 January 1971 : A Lunar Landing Training Vehicle crashes at Ellington AFB, Texas. NASA test pilot Stuart Present ejects safely.
29 January 1970 : Death of Viktor Fedorovich Bolkhovitinov, Soviet engineer, team-leader of the developers of the Bereznyak-Isayev BI-1 aircraft.

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