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22 February 1969 : The Mil V-12, Russian helicopter, lifted a payload of 31,030 kg to 2951 m (9,682 feet), breaking the records for maximum payload carried to 2000m.
22 February 1967 : 845 of the 173rd Airborne Brigade take part in Operation Junction City, the only paratrooper assault of the Vietnam War
22 February 1959 : Death of Robert B. C. Noorduyn, Dutch engineer, businessman, aircraft designer and manufacturer.
22 February 1959 : A US Navy McDonnell F2H-4 Banshee, 127614, of VAW-11, NAS North Island, California, crashes during bad weather en route to NAS Alameda, California, killing the pilot, Lt.(jg) James F. Wyley. Wreckage can still be found at the crash site in a rugged area of California's Santa Cruz Mountains at , in the Saratoga Gap Open Space Preserve.
22 February 1958 : On the occasion of the departure of G/C Ralph Weston as RCAF Comox Commanding Officer, 407 Squadron had all 12 of its Lancasters in the air for a ceremonial flypast.
22 February 1955 : Fifth of 13 North American X-10s, GM-19311, c/n 5, on X-10 flight number 13, out of Edwards AFB, California, has supersonic flight aborted when afterburners fail. Automated landing fails when chute deploys during radio controlled approach, causing the vehicle to plunge into the desert and be destroyed.
22 February 1954 : First flight of the Convair R3Y Tradewind
22 February 1952 : Birth of James Philip Bagian, M. D., P. E. American engineer and NASA scientific astronaut.
22 February 1952 : Second accident in three days for 816 Squadron RAN occurs when a Fairey Firefly carrying Sub Lieutenant Durrant Small and Observer J. G. Sharp crashes into the sea near Seven Mile Beach, New South Wales. Both Small and Sharp are killed.
22 February 1950 : AOn its 102nd flight, the USAF Northrop XF-89 Scorpion, 46-678, crashed on Rosecrans Avenue, Hawthorne, California, after making a high-speed low pass for Air Force officials at Hawthorne Airport (Northrop Field). Right horizontal stabilizer peeled off, aircraft disintegrated, throwing pilot Charles Tucker clear, parachuted safely, but flight engineer Arthur Turton died in mishap. Aircraft impacted five miles (8 km) from factory, setting alight a Standard Oil below-ground storage tank. Cause was found to be high-frequency, low-amplitude aeroelastic flutter of both the vertical and horizontal stabilizers.
22 February 1948 : First flight of the LWD Junak, a Polish trainer aircraft.
22 February 1944 : The U. S. Army Air Forces create the United States Strategic Air Forces in Europe.
22 February 1944 : (Overnight)—Japanese aircraft conduct four raids against ships of U. S. Navy Task Force 58 as they approach Truk Atoll, inflicting no damage.
22 February 1944 : Japanese resistance on Eniwetok ends.
22 February 1943 : Boeing 314, Pan American "Yankee Clipper", NC18603, c/n 1990, (U.S. Navy BuNo 48224), crashes into the Tagus River near Lisbon, while on approach to Portugal by way of the Azores. Caught in a storm, the flying boat hooked a wingtip in a turn while attempting an emergency landing. 25 of 39 on board die. Among those killed are actress Tamara Drasin and international journalist Ben Robertson, en route to his new job, chief of the New York Herald-Tribune's London bureau. Actress Jane Froman is seriously injured. Her story of survival will be made into the 1952 film "With a Song in My Heart" starring Susan Hayward.

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