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09 August 1967 : The world’s first radar-equipped antsubmarine helicopter enters service, a Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm Westland Wessex HAS.3 with No. 814 Squadron.
09 August 1961 : The Holtaheia Accident: An Eagle Airways Vickers VC.1 Viking crashes at Holta, Strand, Norway, killing all 39 on board, including 36 people from the Archbishop Lanfranc School.
09 August 1958 : A 1958 Central African Airways plane crash occurred near Benina International Airport due to pilot error, killing 36 of 54 on board.
09 August 1956 : First flight of the Fiat G.91
09 August 1952 : Lt Peter Carmichael of No. 802 Squadron FAA aboard HMS Ocean claims the Fleet Air Arm's first MiG-15 kill, from a Hawker Sea Fury.
09 August 1950 : The first Canadian built Sabre Mark 1 flew.
09 August 1950 : Al Lily became the first Canadian to break the Sound Barrier.
09 August 1949 : US Navy pilot Lt. J. L. "Pappy" Fruin of VF-101 loses control of his McDonnell F2H-1 Banshee at 500 mph and 30,000 feet and ejects over Walterboro, South Carolina, becoming the first American Naval aviator to use an ejector seat during an actual in-flight emergency. VF-101 was the first Navy unit to receive the type.
09 August 1949 : The first Canadian passenger jet (second in the world after the British), the Avro Canada Jetliner, is flown at Malton. Despite its advanced design, it never saw production and was later sold for scrap.
09 August 1945 : Carrier aircraft of Task Force 38 conduct devastating strikes against Japanese airfields in northern Honshu where the Japanese had been marshalling aircraft for a planned major suicide strike on B-29 bases in the Mariana Islands. The Americans claim 251 Japanese aircraft destroyed and 141 damaged.
09 August 1945 : B-29 Bockscar drops a plutonium-239 nuclear weapon, Fat Man, on Nagasaki
09 August 1941 : Flying a Dornier Do 215 B-5 night fighter, Luftwaffe Oberleutnant Ludwig Becker achieves Germany’s first aerial victory employing airborne radar, using a Lichtenstein radar to detect and close with a British Vickers Wellington bomber participating in a raid on Hamburg, Germany, before shooting down the Wellington.
09 August 1936 : Six aircraft support a Republican seizure of Ibiza.
09 August 1918 : Eight Italian Ansaldo SVA biplanes of the 87 Squadriglia “Serenimissa”, led by Gabriele D’Annunzio, fly over Vienna for 30 min taking photographs and dropping leaflets before returning to base without loss.
09 August 1896 : Otto Lilienthal crashes during a routine flight in the hills of Stolln and dies next day because of a spinal injury.

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